Agustus kemarin saya pergi ke Jepang mengikuti seminar.

Saya tahu sudah telat sekali mengupload foto-fotonya karena euforia sudah lewat.

Tapi mengedit satu per satu foto membuat saya sangat kangen Jepang.

Saya ingin ke sana lagi.

Waktu bukan bulan puasa, yang jelas.

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Oya, dibawah adalah essai yang saya kirimkan kepada panitia APDSA.

Sebagai syarat dipilih untuk ikut.

Tapi saya tidak tahu apakah essai ini benar-benar dibaca.


Greetings Judges,

My name is Aditya Hayu Nastiti from Airlangga University Surabaya Indonesia. I’ve heard about APDSA since I was on my first semester. It was held in Surabaya so I wasn’t really interested. A year later I’ve heard that APDSA will be held at Malaysia. Unfortunately I missed the registration date so I didn’t follow it too. Silly reasons, I know.

This year I’ve planned not to miss APDSA anymore, and I’ve heard that it would be held at Japan. Sooo I became hyper interested and asked my friends Annisa Larasati and Astika Maharani to join me too. I beg my father to permit me and I ran to immigration office to make my passport.

I really need to follow APDSA this time because this is my last time chance. I’m on 8th semester and next year I’ll be very busy with the college’s schedule. Besides, I crave anything about Japan. The manga, sushi, Japanese movie and anything else. I even took Kanji lessons whenever I was on high school. Things I like most from Japan is their citizens. Even though they’re hard workers, creative, and inventive people, they’re still stick into their old tradition.

I heard that we can follow many symposium in during APDSA about the newest technology in dentistry. With many expert speakers from across Asian Pacific. So how can I miss this,   following symposium while I enjoying Japan.

Judges, don’t break my heart. Let me follow this APDSA.